How do I gift my star?

If you think it’s enough to simply hand over a certificate, we would like to teach you otherwise with a wink. It’s not every day you give away a star, and the procedure should suit the occasion accordingly! Especially since not everyone is familiar with the topic of star naming and there are certainly questions about the gift star: Where can I find my star? Why did you dedicate it to me? Will he bear my name forever now? You will certainly hear such questions from the recipient, and accordingly the handing over of a star naming requires time and a loving atmosphere in order to unfold its full effect. Therefore, a Star Certificate is not a gift to be carelessly placed among other gifts on a gift table. After all, one baptizes for a very specific reason, and that also requires space and time. And the certificate is only part of the gift. The other shines in the sky and wants to be discovered.


All answers you will find below, plus some tips how to print your certificate and your Stellar Embassy booklet

Where can I find my star?

Please download the software “Stellarium”. You will find your download link in your email we sent a minute after you ordered. Please also download your booklet “Stellar Embassy”, which has been emailed to you. You can also find it in your customer account.

On your certificate you can find the HIP number of your star. Simply put this number into the search field of Stellarium and and you will be taken to your star. At Stellarium you can put in your address or your coordinates (if you know them) and your current time and date. The map will than show your star from your own point at home, so you can print the map, and compare them with the current starry sky at your home. Your star is marked on the map.

You will find an exact step-by-step instruction in your booklet.

Will he bear my name forever now?

The star you have named will bear this name forever. We do never name a star twice, that is technically not possible with our software and really wouldn’t it be very nice. So you can be absolutely sure that your star will only be named once by us and that we will never change anything about this name.

How do I print the certificate?

The certificate is full color and has many details. We recommend printing it out on a laser or inkjet printer at the highest resolution. It looks best on photo paper, but also on special document paper. If you don’t have a suitable printer or don’t want to buy extra photo paper, we recommend going to a copy shop. There you can print it out very professionally and it won’t cost much more than 2 or 3 dollars.

The booklet is also colored. Print it out in duplex if your printer can do that. This will print the front and back of the sheet and it will look great when you staple it afterwards. You should choose a solid type of paper, which is a bit easier to grip than normal copy paper. But a copy shop can also do that very well for you. The shop can even bind it professionally if you’d like.

Do Stars Embassy print and ship?

We think that from an ecological point of view it is irresponsible to send something over hundreds or thousends of miles  criss-crossing the United States what can easily be printed by your own. Therefore, we send your certificates and booklet by email as pdf. You have your order immediately in hand and can print it. Another advantage is that you can print the certificate in any desired size, i.e. in letter format or as a poster, on photo paper or special certificate paper, everything works. Isn’t that much nicer than paying expensive shipping costs and waiting?

Name a star now

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